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Coco Gothic



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Modern retro geometric sans style in Coco Gothic is Futura Avangya, as the early XX century font. The typical modernism of cold geometric form to write and soften the image of modern times and light circle angle, I feel the design of the fields. This is a fashion icon Coco Chanel, who loves the font of the family name.

In a small hat for the support of the open type of extended character set, they are variable ligatures, European language, Greece, Cyrillic and in corresponding heights in weight and function. 2017 revised edition 12-12 The monument weights is a design problem that solves the preparation of a total of 36 fonts.

Other than the rich history of Coco-Gothic, encyclopedia style, in the last century, the preparation and other attractions are adapted and moody text. The type of family of visual presentations that can be checked is our Coco-gothic behance page.

So please note: open-ended technology with all the advanced features (small cap alternate kit & ligatures) is fully capable of Adobe software, any software that does not support large design software or operating system. Historical mutations include capitals, avalaible InDesign / Photoshop, and a glyph window through an illustrator. Download and purchase a SQL Server database before the verification settings.

Coco Gothic Font

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