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AJAX Contact Form

Quform ajax conact form makes it easy to include web pages. If you need a simple contact form, the Quform site to suit your needs. Rather than reloading all pages with the impression that it is said to be a more sophisticated user experience, it will inform you about the visit.

You can respond to Quform by submitting a registration form, approximate or request in the field, etc., and also the data of the optional Save Form Database. Send us the user message format to the user Respond automatically.

Quform is a special framework of the Zend Framework Validator. We will send you fully controlled data. Since there is a risk of default setting, you will be able to make sure that only a large number of users are in the field finished to buy positive happiness.

He came up using the three themes. Designing the format starts with a simple style change to suit your own website.

It is used for Quform in many other languages ​​that have been submitted in the form of UTF-8 encoding by default. It would be obvious that there is a need for a website in English. Of course I am in English at a convenience store.

Added upload file for help. We will send you an email to a post that may be. Also, clicking an ad banner is the server folder. Try demo quform ajax conact form.

Quform – Responsive Ajax Contact Form

more / info demo


New: Responsive design
New: Fully tested on iPad/iPhone/Android devices
New: 3 ready to use themes (with 6 variations)
New: Style Quform easily with your own theme design
New: New Group CSS allows you to create complex form layouts
New: Many other JS and CSS improvements
Easy to install into any web page
Powerful code framework
File uploads supported
Fully customizable
Extensive documentation
3 CAPTCHA options to prevent spam: static image, new Google reCAPTCHA, Honeypot
Valid HTML5
Works in all major browsers
Multi language UTF-8 ready
Object oriented, unit tested PHP code
Form validation & filtering
Create custom autoresponders (auto reply emails)
jQuery effects
Works with or without JavaScript
Save form data to a database
Scrolls to error messages that are out of view
Can be easily embedded into a PHP or HTML page

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