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Takhie font is capital, lowercase, punctuation, or numbers. She also has a greek multilingual latin language. Takhie typeface nature and hitomi are packed in a map as a design that can be printed at a summer festival. Please refrain from personal and commercial use of all for free!

This is a check button should be free like this one. Try another excellent design you can check! Try this takhie brush typeface font.

Takhie Brush Font

download full version

takhie brush typeface
takhie font brush 1 543x2543
takhie font brush 2 543x365
takhie font brush 3 543x361
takhie font brush 4 543x361
takhie font brush 5 543x365
takhie font brush 6 543x369
takhie font brush 7 543x367

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